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Our primary activity is Renaissance Rapier combat, and we field about 10 fighters on the various SCA war fields we attend. We also have crewmembers involved with Medieval Armoured combat, Archery, and various Arts & Sciences such as brewing, leatherworking, costuming. 

We do research nautical history, and are working on getting acquainted with actual seamanship. But mostly we blend what we know of nautical history and traditions with some mythical elements, and a good deal of 'sounds like fun.'

Calafia's bay is known as a haven for several pyrate crews, and several freebooters have attached themselves to Horizon's End over the years. However, the crew has agreed that while we there's some YARRR! in our Yardarms, we're not Pyrates, but mostly law-abiding seafolk... 

Thus, Horizon's End is presently a merchant-marine, awaiting full commissioning in the Royal Crescent Navy. Until then we serve as an armed escort for other ships through the pyrate-infested waters of Calafia's Bay as the  Freelance Calafian Maritime Defense Force (Franchises available).


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