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Spring War '04
Fall War '04


Significant Horizon's End Events

Slacker Camp - Aside from some delectable victuals, no activities were planned, and few were attended.

First use of HE Trailer. It is a good thing.

Archers took over our usual spot, so we took over the center isle.

Bilges - Aurora and Allen camped with us. 
Aurora auctioned herself as a War virgin and spent the war in other people's camps.
Allen brought back a VERY noisy wench from the Roving Red Light District. Crew agrees Ship's Ball Gag now a critical piece of ship's gear.

Lord Edmond Brewer of Diveles stopped by our camp to comment on our accurate striking of the bell for timekeeping. We found him to be saltier tar than any of us, and a compatriot for the Calafian Freelance Maritime Defense League. With luck, he will be re-opening the Ports of Calafia.

Blaise flipped himself over the hammock. Though he landed on his back, the pain was cushioned by most of a bottle of Jack.

Dead Bob performed a stunning 3.5 gainer with a double twist during Sunday's windstorm. Sadly, this was performed from the riggings onto the deck. Dead Bob is now very Dead. Long live Dead Bob!

Crab Boil was a success. However, recommend in future getting crablegs vs whole crabs, and only ONE bag of Cajun spices. Also, make sure to reinforce the grill before setting 3+ gallons of water to boil.

Karl and Curteis manned the Gate during the onslaught of the Determined StinkBug. Yea, there was much gnashing of teeth and moaning, and continuous relocating of said Bug. 

Renee's friend Payam was brought up on charges of improperly disciplining ladies in public. 10 lashes were administered as punishment, which the defendant thoroughly enjoyed. 

War Happenings

A good gentle was savagely mauled by a sword-wielding haybale, which said gentle thought he had subdued by piercing it through with his sword. After he was knocked to the ground by his wife, the enraged haybale saw its chance, and tumbled over the gentle, impaling him with his own sword. Fortunately for the gentle, after penetrating the haybale,  only 1/2" of the blade remained with which the haybale could attack him. Much blooding and rantings about peace-ties ensued. Latara took the gentle to the clinic, where it was determined to be but a flesh wound. He received several stitches and a spiff see-through patch that he might parade about shirtless and brag.  

Someone else tried to wrestle with a barbed wire fence. Much ouch.

A couple folks actually managed to get to the field. There was even a melee. 

Latara showed up and assisted with marshalling. She introduced us to a shirtless gentle with a grievous stitched wound proclaiming to have survived a savage stabbing incident the night before...

A local hill troll with two goblins in tow hopped the border fence and marauded through the site, confronting several good gentles. All outlying camps were put on alert. While we were informed we couldn't beat them with rattan, as rapier fighters we were given permission to flat-snap them should they become aggressive. The night creatures were eventually ensnared, tagged, and released back into the off-site wilds, with stern warnings of "there's lots of people with sharp objects in here..." Yet another case of urban expansion putting pressure upon the local wildlife. 


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