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Significant Horizon's End Events

First proto-HE camp. No-one thinks to bring camera or take pictures.

Jay's first and last fighting war.

Karl discovers the RV slips have power, and spends the evening trying to beat that one level of Half-Life on his laptop...

First use of Open Berthing tent. Jay and Duncan discover the local flora's side effect on Curteis's sinuses... loud snoring.

Calafian Rapier Guild hosts First Deck of Doom Tourney. Random draw weapons. In her first fight, in her first tourney, m'Ldy Sybil draws Dagger and Hope. Her opponent draws Case. Everyone covers eyes to avoid the injustice surely to follow. m'Ldy Sybil promptly rushes her opponent, parries his blades and stabs him in the space of a heartbeat, immediately followed by the sound of multitude jaws hitting the ground. Verily, I say unto thee, "WOOT!" 

War Happenings

Don Andre proposes to Lady Kate
Upstaging her in the middle of her AoA ceremony, Don Andre manages to both infuriate and leave her speechless.. Just kiss him, Kate.

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