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Significant Horizon's End Events

Setup crew spends 6 days at war, arrives Wed nite, leaves Mon. 

Very Lucky War. Breakfast attendance is significantly higher than ship's crew count... Cormac is given the ship's ballgag two nites running. Gia gives the Pox (well, mono anyways) to several 'lucky' gents.

The company of Clan Darksail was enjoyed. They sing lots of songs. Lots of Dirty songs. Cap'n Curteis is inspired...

Dread Pyrate Kurtyss makes an appearance ("Red? I never wear red!") His influences were seen on Cap'n Curteis, who was rumored drinking in Schadenfreude camp, while clinging to several wenches and exchanging cloven fruit. Worst of all, he was reported to be wearing RED! So far, no living witnesses have been found to substantiate the rumors.

Negotiations continue regarding interest in the Kingdom Nautical Guild/Royal Crescent Navy. So far, three pirate/privateers ships have expressed interest.. Are there no ships out there interested in proper naval Service to the Crown?

Horizon's End was given an award for going "above and beyond" in helping the Rapier stewards (marshalling, moving haybales, etc). We were awarded a cooking grill since we were SMOKIN'! Curteis was awarded a black Marshal pennant for service on the field both days.

Captain's Mess is a success, with the galley crew serving a piping hot and delicious Seafood Bisque. Definitely a crew pleaser! Walls erected to dampen the evening winds, so the night's festivities weren't dampened by the rather strong gusts.

Skull & Compass created Mast envy by having a 24' mast & yard, with brow and accompanying decor. Consolation: they don't have a real sail yet, nyah!

War Happenings

Second Blood of Heroes League tournament
The Styx River Boys held the field as The League, winning the first 8 engagements. They were eventually defeated by Cross & Dragon. Horizon's End had 3 engagements, which was our only significant improvement over last year. Floggings ensued.

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