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Significant Horizon's End Events

First use of Main Deck.

First use of Ship's Bell to keep time... incorrectly.

Dead Bob the skeleton first starts hanging around the riggings.

First Captain's Mess held. Food is excellent. Attire is fancy. Many lit candles set a wonderful ambiance. An open hall and winds conspire to plunge the proceedings into darkness. Booo. Decision is made to use lanterns forthwith. Yeay.

Mattheus promoted from Midshipman to Deckhand.

Seti the Great camps with HE for the first time. Many pictures ensue, and maybe romance for the Cap'n?

Deck of Doom Tourney - Poker style. Much betting ensues. Gold Coins are serendipitously found the NIGHT before the tourney at the Flying Skwirl pirate shop. Prizes include bottles of Lazarus's Dragon Stout and donated Massage vouchers. NB - always check that a prize winner is over 21 BEFORE handing him the bottle...

War Happenings

First Blood of Heroes tournament
5-man team melee inspired by the movie of the same name (with a nod to Potrero's Rapier Rugby). 
Horizon's End was the only team to NOT be scored on twice by the victors, the Styx River Boys. (They only scored once, and we held them to the timer.)

Isaak and Rainvig's Wedding
Two members of the Dragoons tied the knot in a wonderful ceremony overlooking the lake at dusk. Much fooding, drinking, and songing ensued. Debauchery was provided at the nearby Schadenfreude camp.


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