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Rez War Design Notes


Flag Points

Goal: Team must capture all the flag points to score a Victory Point.


Not allowing players to switch flags while opponents were in engagement range relieved a lot of safety issues. The placement of the flag could be done clumsily one-handed, more efficiently with two hands, but this required dropping weapons on the flag point. As the fighters were not allowed to capture while opponents were in engagement range, they could safely place their gear on the flag point while switching flags. This also forced the teams to actually secure the flag points before claiming them. Several times during play, a score was denied because an opponent moved into engagement and killed the person capturing the flag or capturing fighter was forced to abandon the capture because someone moved into engagement range.


It is too easy for a team to ‘chain-score’ once they have captured all flag points. Having captured all points, the team ‘allows’ the opposition to capture a point, and then drives them off to score again. This allows for a score every time a single flag point changes hands.

Field Fix:

Stop play after all flag points are captured and reset them. However, this destroys the continuous combat field model, and makes capturing the other team’s base flag irrelevant, as the flag points will almost always be captured before a team gets to the opposition’s base.


Once all flag points have been captured and a score awarded, that team cannot score again by capturing all flag points until

  1. They have captured the opposing team’s base flag
  2. the opposing team scores by capturing all the base flags



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