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Rez War Design Notes




Capture the VIP and return him/her to your Base to score. Secondly, rescue your VIP and return him/her to your Base to score.


If an opponent VIP is within engagement range, you may call out “You are captured, m’ld/m’ldy/good monk/etc.” The VIP must stop and allow themselves to be taken into custody. This is done by placing an open hand on the VIP (shoulder or arm, please). The VIP is held in Custody as long as positive contact is maintained. If the contact is broken, the VIP may attempt to escape. You may recapture the VIP, same as above. Two Capturers are required to escort the VIP, both maintaining positive contact. If one of the escorts breaks contact, the VIP can stop moving until they regain positive contact.

If you can escort an opponet VIP to your Base (starting base, not the current Base Flag location), s/he will be imprisoned.  This is worth 1 VP. While imprisoned, the Monk is effectively "dead". They must stay at the Base, and may not interfere with normal play, nor may give direction or advice to their team. They MAY cry out for aid and rescue, make annoying comments, etc.,  but cannot respond to any events occurring outside their 'prison' base.

To rescue an 'imprisoned' VIP, a team-member must be within engagement range INSIDE the opposition’s base with no opposition within engagement range of the VIP (uncontested control of the VIP). Place a hand on the VIP and call out “You are rescued, m’ld/m’ldy”, at which point they can be escorted back to their base. The rules for a rescue escort are the same as a capture escort – the VIP is disoriented, wounded, weak from torture/interrogation/malnurishment, etc. HOWEVER, as the VIP wants to accompany their rescuer, only ONE teammate is required to escort them back to their home base. Once the VIP is safely returned to their base, a VP is scored for the rescuing team.

If the VIP is re-captured during a rescue attempt, no point is scored for the capture. However, the time remaining for the VIP to perish begins anew.


As originally planned, the VIP’s would remain at the opposition’s base until rescued. However, this resulted in a player sitting around for extended periods of time waiting to be rescued.. No fun..

Field Fix:

VIP’s can elect to ‘perish’ whilst being held (hunger strike, self immolation, conversion, whatever). After a specified number of Opponent Reinforcement Waves, the VIP can return to their base and Rez with the next wave. In play, we used 3 Opponent Reinforcement Waves.


For a full War scenario, it's important to scale the Perish Rez Wave count to be between 5-10 minutes. I.e., if your using 2 minute timed Rez's, then a 4 Rez Wave count would be good. If using Reinforcement Count Rez's, then fewer Rez Waves might be suggested. This allows the capturing team to benefit from the VIP being out of play for a short duration and gives the VIP’s team time to attempt a rescue (Successful rescue is worth a VP).



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