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Rez War Design Notes


Base Flags & Reinforcement Points


The team must capture the opposition’s base flag and return it to their base to score.


Having the team reinforce at their Base flag raised concerns.

  1. Rez points are typically DMZ’s where fighters can armor down.
  2. Trying to capture an object where opponents are spawning is tactically impossible. They Rez as fast as you can kill them.
  3. Having the walking Dead milling about in the middle of a combat.

Field Fix:

  1. Stress to the fighters that the Reinforcement Point (RP) is on Active field. Provide a shaded DMZ nearby for the dead to armour down and get air & water.
  2. Separate the Reinforcement point from the base.
  3. If using Reinforcement Waves, increase the Wave Timer or the Wave Count (see Reinforcements)


Personal feeling is that the only elegant way to ensure fighters can’t be bottlenecked into their rezpoint (spawn camping) away from their base is to have them spawn IN their base.

Second choice is separate the RP from the Base Flag. However, there should be easy access from the RP to the Base, as a team shouldn’t have to fight their way into their own base.

One possibility, though – a ‘doomsday device.’ If enough fighters are ‘trapped’ in their rezpoint, they can set off a charge in the base, killing all opponents within.. It is at the Steward’s discretion to explain the miraculous reconstruction of the base, or factor in it’s destruction for gameplay (i.e. it’s out of play for X minutes).



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